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East Stone, Your Efficient Flat Panel Display Partner

The TFT LCD (Thin Film Transistor Liquid Crystal Display) is an innovative, fast-growing and easy-to-use technology. The LCD is only one kind of flat panel display, which is replacing the traditional CRT, as it is space and energy efficient and emits no radiation. The flat panel display is preferred in a wide range of applications, because it is purely digital, highly adaptable, not affected by magnetic fields, and can be repaired more economically.

Since 1997, East Stone has been a professional and growing display solution provider for systems integrators. The high quality and rigid standards of our products, plus our customized electronic and mechanical designs of displays to meet a variety of needs, and our fast, efficient service have satisfied a growing list of customers. Our client list includes 3M; Bank of Newport, RI; Central Carolina Bank; Wilson's Leather; Ford Motor; and Fairchild.

East Stone is a highly respected value-added provider of flat panel displays . What distinguishes East Stone from other companies is that our customers not only receive the most updated products, the latest technology and the best price, but they also receive our knowledgeable advice. Leave the job of supplying displays to us; the profit will be yours to keep.

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